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Mystery Novels And Other Fiction

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Coming This Fall: A New Crime Series

The first book of a new series is in progress, and should be available late fall this year. I finally decided to come out in the open with my decision not only to cross the line from editing to writing for good, but to focus almost exclusively on writing my own fiction from now on (more info here).

The first book is about a series killer, who keeps two homicide detectives busy. More on the story's progress later. Stay tuned.

Tools of The Trade

I used most of the tools already during my years of [technical] writing, copy editing, and as an avionics instructor. Some tools were added later on, to optimize my workflow. Other software got dropped (e.g. FrameMaker). So, using most of these tools for my fiction writing came naturally to me.

Several years ago I began using PageFour for working on manuscripts (apart from the every day standard tool MS Word). Then Scrivener for Windows became available, and I slowly began to replace PageFour more and more with Scrivener. PageFour is still quite valuable on a netbook when I'm away from my computer, and so is Smart-Edit as a first-pass editing tool.